2014 Father’s Day Tournament

6/15/2014 Tournament Update:

Thanks to all of the coaches, parents, and players that participated in the 2014 SLCAA Father’s Day Tournament.  We had excellent weather and a lot of good baseball.  Also, thanks goes out to all the volunteers too that volunteered their time for the kids.  We are looking to form a committee to help improve the tournament for next year as there’ s always ways to make a tournament better.

Possible changes/suggestions for next year include:
1) A Formal Roster process and method of qualifying substitute players to ensure they are American Level.
2) Possible limits on substitute players.
3) Methods of qualifying teams
4) A better definition of what an American Level team is, and what we consider A vs AA teams.
5) A specific set of Father’s Day Tournament Rules for next season to address issue that are specifically related to this tournament open to both SLCAA teams and other American Teams.

If you have positive suggestions to help improve next year’s tournament, please send them to slcaatournaments@gmail.com.  Put “Fathers Day Suggestions” in the Subject please.

Thanks and Happy Father’s Day.

Steve Scott

6/10/14 Update:

Parks are working on the schedules as we speak.  Here’s where the different age groups are playing:

8UB – Eureka Sports Association
9UB – Manchester Athletic Association
10UB – Eureka Sports Association
11UB – Fenton Athletic Association
12UB – Fenton Athletic Association

10U Girls – Manchester Athletic Association
14UG – Fenton Athletic Association

HS Girls – Fenton Athletic Association

6/9/2014 Update:

Registration is closed for all age groups.

14U Boys:  We had 3 teams for the 14U Boys age group but one pulled out last night, so refunds will be issued for those teams.  If you know of another 14U team that wants to play please let me know today and we can make this happen.

We are finalizing the allocation this morning. Once they are finalized I will post ball park assignments for each age level below.

6/5/2014 Update

Registration for the Father’s Day Tournament has been extended through Sunday, June 8.  See a list of teams playing below by Age Group.

We will assign teams to SLCAA parks on Sunday night and schedule should be released by parks on Tuesday.  Game will begin on Friday, June 13 (not June 12).


April 25, 2014 Update:
Boys Teams: Registration Links can be found for each age group at the bottom of this page.

Girls Teams:  Registration Links can be found at the bottom of this page.

HS Teams:   Registration Links can be found at the bottom of this page.


We are currently ramping up for the 2014 SLCAA American Level Tournament. This tournament is open to all SINGLE-A , AMERICAN LEVEL Baseball Teams in St Louis and all surrounding areas.  Teams need to be able to to certify they are truly Single A American level teams (or equivalent) and not AA, National, or higher.  We want to keep this strictly an A level tournament and will be working diligently to ensure this is the case for all teams.

Similarly we want to keep this a Rec level tournament. Level I and Level II girls recr level teams are welcome. No Select teams or players please.



  •  If your team is considered AA, even if you are ranked American Blue, your team does not qualify.
    Note: Only SLCAA board members will make this determination. Playing in an A/AA or AA tournament in itself also does not make a team an AA team and does not disqualify a team.
  • If your team has played and WON an Open Tournament, AA Level Tournament, or Other Higher Level tournament, you do not qualify.
  • You may not use substitute players from any team that has WON a tournament at these higher levels or plays for an AA, National or Select team during 2014.
  • No Tournament Only Teams
  • Club Teams claiming to be Single A need to pre-qualify with us BEFORE registering.  Please send an email to slcaatournaments@gmail.com.
  • If your team played more than 50 games last season(including fall ball) or plan to play more than 50 games this season, you do not qualify for this tournament.

HIGH SCHOOL BOYS:  ALL Levels of Teams Welcome.
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS:  ALL Levels of Teams Welcome.

TOURNAMENT FEE:  $275 through May 31.  $300 – June 1 -5.  Registration closes at end of day June 5.

Full refund minus $100 withdrawal fee for any team withdrawing after May 27, 2014.
Withdrawals after May 27 – No Refunds
The SLCAA reserves the right to mix ages to form tournament pools, if needed.

Zero Games Played – Full refund minus $50 of tournament fee
1 Game Played  – 50% Refund
2 Games Played – Full Tournament. No refunds.
Note: All Refunds (Withdrawal & Rainouts) may take up to 2-4 weeks to process.

Any misrepresentation of your teams level will cause forfeiture of all games. No registration fees will be refunded. This includes use of higher level players as substitutes.  We encourage teams to use their league rosters. If a substitute player is needed to field a team please use a Single A player.

Rosters will be required. A form will be provided to be completed by each team.

Steve Scott @ slcaatournaments@gmail.com with any questions.

*****       REGISTRATION LINKS  ********:
7U Boys Registration

1) Mustangs – Neninniger

8U Boys Registration

1) FAA Diamondbacks – Roussey
2) VP Hawks – Ill
3) FAA Orioles – Mazzola
4) FAA Tigers – Richards
5) S.I Sun Devlis – Blazier

9U Boys Registration                             9U/10U Girls Registration (Level 1 & 2 Rec)

1) STL Angry Shockers - Scott          1) Rockets – McCune
2) Giants – Morris                                   2) Thunder – Losse
3) Slammers – Shormann                     3) Tigers – Stilwell
4) Tigers – Fowler
5) Pacific – Thornton

10U Boys Registration

1) Ballwin Bullets – Larson
2) Eureka Mustangs – Custer
3) Jefferson Jays – Courson
4) St Louis Bears – Pocius
5) Thunder – Sandweiss
6) Aces – Heine Meine

11U Boys Registration  

1) Bulldogs -Wolkey
2) Cyclones – Barone
3) Dynamite – Powell
4) Eagles – Duerfahrd
5) Ellington Storm  - King
6) Eureka Bulldgos – Branham
7) MO Hitmen – Colemen
8) Racers – Cudney
9) St Louis Bears – Decker

12U Boys Registration

1) MAA Stingrays – Scott
2) Ballwin Fire – Zaitz
3) Bulldogs – Steinlage
4) Copperheads – Gildehaus
5) Eagles – Goring
6) JC Tigers – Eimer
7) Outlaws – Pugh
8) River Cats – Hipp
9) FAA Predators – Ramirez

13U Boys – No teams at this level (See 14U)

13U/14U Girls Registration (Level 1 & 2 Rec)

1) Lady Hawks – Kraus
2) Purple Haze – Godier
3) Crush – Shirrell

14U Boys Registration  (One of the teams decided not to play on Sunday so I will be issuing refunds for this age group.)

1) Titans – Riordan
2) Tomahawks – Ohl
3) Desoto Express – Downs (13U playing up)


HS Girls – All Ages – Open
1) Bad Pitches – Bartz
2) Hillsboro Swat – Dye 
3) Day