2016 SLCAA Tournament Assigned Locations

by Stephen Scott on March 25, 2016

Boys Baseball:

7UB: Eureka Sports Association
8UB: Blue Level: Valley Park (Cornett, Thornton, McKinney, Whitney/Mann, Gianino,)
8UB: White/Red: Pacific (Brown,Murphy, Werner, Bone)
9UB: Green/White: Manchester (Stone, Monzyk, Tabers, Brown, Lange, Ducoso, Hobelmann, Hector)
9UB Am Blue/Red: NWAA (McClanahan, Eckhoff, Brown, Coombs, Branham, Lane, Tarble, Walseth, Whitney/Mann)
10UB: Am Blue: VPAA (Wandersee, Walker, Timm, Gerling, Deranja)
10UB Am Red: Antonia (Cochran/Quigley, Mazzola, Husereau, Sauer, Richard, Roussey)
10UB Am White: Eureka (Wall, Mousman, Wurm, Trammel, Rhodes)
11UB Am Blue: Manchester (Stone, Loesekam (Bears), Barnett, Margolf, Ripson, Kowalcyzk)
11UB White/Red: Eureka (Roemer, Wienstroer, Bader, Harris, Brown, Hylen)
12UB All Pacific (Bouckaert, Drysdale, Hoffman, Thornton, Dutton, Dobson, Reed,)
13UB All Pacific (Lane, O’dell, Schilling, Smith, Kertz, Sparks, Timm, Weinberg(Bears), Loeffel)
14UB All Antonia (DeLaney, Selke, Loyd, Middendorf, Tierney, Fitzgerald, Wentzel, Bushur)

Girls Softball:

7U/8UG: Antonia (Steele, Hubbard, Quick, Sowrheaver, Timm, Kiefer, Robison(sp?)
10UG: NWAA (Gibbs, Sacco, Dutton, Sieges, Rose, Clark, Stout, McCabe)
12UG: L1 Eureka (Kelemen, Lemann, Winters, Turek, Poulen)
12UG: L2 Manchester (Lidgwig/Neumann, Gregory, McCune, Booher, Eimer, Geary)
14UG:  Only 3 teams registered so this age is cancelled.
-I have not deposited the check to Hamburg. Will void/return check.


The allocation and data sheets ere sent to parks today, 3/25.  Please give them at least a week to finalize their brackets and schedules.  Games can start no sooner than 4/11.  Each park is responsible for setting their own schedules and design their own brackets.

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